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C.H. Topping Brakes | Vinny Bunting EALB Member

About the Business: 

C.H. Topping has specialized in automotive braking systems since 1931.  We are the “one stop brake shop” for anything brake related.  We have a full machine shop, full service shop including “on the car” work, and we re-line friction surfaces in-house.  We take pride in what we do and are trusted by industry professionals and various car museums.  Our team can handle any brake related challenge! We fix the “tough” braking issues that other shops and local dealerships cannot handle.  We also do the brakes on “daily drivers”.  Whether you drive a Honda or a vintage Ferrari race car we are able to maximize your braking potential and fine tune the braking system to meet your needs.  We install towing brake systems for RVs, boat trailers, and industrial machine brake systems.  Customers from all over the world send us parts to be remanufactured or relined with specialty friction materials.  We pride ourselves on being:  “C. H. Topping, the Best in Stopping!”  

About the Owner: 

Vince Bunting has been the owner of C.H. Topping for over 35 years.  He has extensive knowledge in everything brake related.  If he cannot find a solution to your braking issue then no one can!  His son, Vinny, has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from CSULB and works with his dad in the family business.     


  • Complete Brake Service

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