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Stimulus Technologies | Nathan Whittacre EALB Member

About the Business:

First starting in his garage with his brother and father in 1995. By 2002 Nathan’s company had moved out of the garage to a much larger location in Henderson and after buying out his brother and father Nathan took sole ownership over the company and renamed it Stimulus Technologies. Since then Stimulus Technologies has grown and expanded into Long Beach and opened their new location in February.  

About the Owner:

Nathan grew up in Nevada and started his first business at the age of 12 by starting a candy shop. In high school he worked at a computer company that created home and business computers. After the business closed he decided to start his own computer business with his brother and father in 1995. When Nathan is not working he likes to do outdoor activities like hiking and camping. He is also a tri athlete. Nathan has been married 17 years and has 5 children. 


  • Managed IT services
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet Services
  • Converged Managed Services 




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