Dr. Ting-Wey Yen of Beach Heights Dentistry | October 2, 2017

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On Monday, October 2nd the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their quarterly evening networking mixer at The Grand Event Center. The evening's classification talk was given by Dr. Ting-Wey Yen of Beach Heights Dentistry. 

Dr. Yen grew up in Africa in Ethiopia as an exceptional student. He came to America in 1977 to go to college at age 14. They were allowed to skip grades in Ethiopia. Ting-Wey earned his Prosthodontics degree in Texas where he learned to love country music. Dr, Yen opened his private practice in 1989 in Long Beach renting space from Dr. Blair.  In 2016 Dr. Yen purchased Beach Heights Dentistry from long time Execs member Dr. Fashnacht, and became a member of the Executives Association as well.

Today everything is effected by technology, even dentistry. CBCT (localized CT scan) and guided surgeries have simplified implant dentistry and made it more affordable.

Beach Heights Dentistry has the Cerec machine that makes a crown on site in under an hour. This allows Dr. Yen to do implants in a day. Delivering a temporary prosthesis and wait for bone to grow around it does take longer however. 

Dr. Yen wants your teeth to go with you when you pass  and therefore does everything he can to save as much of your original teeth as possible. They do onlays and partial veneers. He wants to avoid putting in a crown or eventually an implant for as long has possible.

Beach Heights Dentistry Philosophy

  • Preserve your enamel
  • Preserve your gum health
  • Replace any missing molars
  • Keep your teeth for a lifetime

Lastly, Dr. Yen wants you to keep your overall health by optimizing your oral health. To help us all achieve this he gave out an info sheet on how to maintain your teeth along with goodie bags for each guest that included a new tooth brush, different types of tooth paste, floss and a Beach Heights Dentistry note pad. 

Thank you Dr. Yen for the informative talk and for sharing your latest painting of Wonder Woman. Everyone was very impressed! 

Next Meeting:

We are Dark on October 9th for Columbus Day. 


Remember to invite guests to keep our membership continually growing!

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