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Sawin & Kotani Accountancy Corporation | Eric Bloomer EALB Member

About the Business:

Our priority at Sawin & Kotani Accountancy Corporation is to provide personalized service to all of our clients. Every business and every individual is unique, so we begin a relationship by developing a comprehensive understanding of a given client’s financial standing. This allows us to delve into specific areas where we can help a client utilize a specific tax credit or take advantage of a particular accounting technique that may not be available to most. 

Many other accounting and tax preparation services use enrolled agents to prepare your tax documents and review your accounting records. We ensure a fully trained Certified Public Accountant is in charge of every one of the accounts we manage because we believe our more comprehensive training in accounting practices and tax law will yield greater accuracy and more savings for our clients.

About the Enrolled Agent:  

Eric Bloomer has worked with Sawin & Kotani since 2010. As an Enrolled Agent, he assists in preparation of all types of personal and business tax returns. He graduated from UCSB in 2009 with a degree in Business and Economics and is currently pursuing his Masters in Accounting.  


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