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The long standing slogan of the association has been "Business is our Business". The Executives Association of Long Beach (EALB) was founded in 1922. It is an association of Long Beach business executives, each of whom represents his or her respective firm at the management level.

The Long Beach Executives Association is a member of the International Executives Association, a worldwide group of similar associations. It is not a service club, a social group or fraternal order. The EALB is a networking group for business owners and high level executives. It has but one unique objective: to capture the natural bond of common interest which exists between business executives and by regular weekly meetings, develop and enjoy a brand of fellowship conducive to the creation of additional and profitable business for all its members.

It does not require its members to patronize each other, but it does provide opportunities for each member to promote their products or services and it can open doors that otherwise are closed to desired business. Members of the EALB often consider the association as an extension of their own business or profession.


Location: The Grand

Day: Monday

Time: 12pm - 1:15pm

Visitors please contact us to be our guest.


Kris Gragson | November 26th, 2018

Written by  EALB
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On Monday, November 26th the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their weekly luncheon to hear from Kris Gragson of GK Media. 

GK Media specializes in affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for local small businesses in Long Beach, California. Packages include Website Analysis, Performance Reports, Keyword Research as well as Local Directory Submissions and Link Building. Since social media has become such an important marketing tool in our current time, GK Media can provide social media marketing services which include improving your Facebook, Twitter and many more. Consulting and Training staff is another way in which GK Media can help any business become more aware of their online marketing environment.

Kris Gragson was born and raised in Long Beach, California.  In 2011, Kris created GK Media, a company that helps local businesses attract new customers by utilizing Search Engine Optimization. Kris is recently married and has a daughter.

Kris’ talk focused on the importance of investing in marketing; otherwise you are leaving money on the table. Kris points out there are three bags of money you should plan to invest in marketing. The first bag is improving your SEO on search engine sites like Google and Bing. The second bag of money is using Google AdWords, an advertising platform provided by Google. Kris is certified for AdWords. The third bag of money is taking advantage of advertising on social media platforms, like Facebook and Yelp. For example, Kris works specifically and directly with Yelp to increase your company’s presence.

Don’t leave money on the table for your business. Plan to invest in marketing and speak to Kris about setting up a free evaluation to take a look at your demographics and how your web presence is affecting your business and how Kris and GK Media can improve upon it.

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We will be at The Grand to hear from a special guest, Oriana Shea.


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