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Location: The Grand

Day: Monday

Time: 12pm - 1:15pm

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Cindy Skovgard | January 7, 2019

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On Monday, January 7th the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their weekly networking luncheon to hear from Cindy Skovgard of Pathways Volunteer Hospice. 

Pathways Volunteer Hospice started 1985 in the basement of Lakewood Reginal Medical Center as a community outreach program and has grown since then. In the last 30 years Pathways has expanded to offer many additional programs while they still stay true to their mission of being a “non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to providing compassionate care to families living with illness and loss.”

Cindy Skovgard has been involved in community relations, fundraising and non-profit management for over 38 years.  Her depth of experience has helped Pathways gain its reputation in the community as the organization people turn to for hospice, caregiving services and bereavement support.   She holds a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Development from California State University Long Beach, with an emphasis in behavior modification.  In her professional positions she has served as Executive Director for the Greater Long Beach, Mission Valley and Fullerton YMCA’s, Assistant Director of Development for St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, and a Public Relations Consultant for KBE.  For over 23 years, Cindy has been at the helm of Pathways coordinating community outreach efforts, special events, volunteer training, grant writing, a speaker’s bureau and a number of community collaborations.  

Cindy’s talk gave us insight into the innerworkings of Pathways hospice and the other programs they offer. Cindy described hospice as not something you can decide to go into at any time. Hospice is a care plan for someone who has a terminal illness, who chooses not to have treatment, or there isn’t a treatment, and could claim their lives in six months. Hospice is not a 24/7 care center and benefits start when a doctor refers a patient. Pathway’s hospice is a volunteer center that does not charge the patient. Pathways volunteers are recruited and go through a training process. Additionally, Cindy spoke about Pathway’s many programs they offer such as grief support groups, widows’ groups, and children’s groups for children who have lost someone in their lives. In the 1990’s they started a campus outreach program and in the late 1990’s they started a caregiving program for people who aren’t accepted for hospice. 

Cindy Skovgard and Pathways Volunteer Hospice are not like every other hospice. Their volunteers with make you feel comfortable and feel like family. If the time comes to have to face this situation with family please don’t hesitate to contact Cindy and see what Pathways Volunteer Hospice can do for you.


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Next monday we will be back at The Grand to hear from Heather Desh of HD Orthodontics 


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