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98th Annual Meeting | February 3, 2020

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On Monday, February 3rd the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their 98th Annual Meeting. 

On Monday, we held our 98th annual meeting. It was a members only meeting to approve the minutes, the budget, and to go over what we did in 2019. 


Next Meeting: 

We are back at The Grand to hear from Miguel Garcia of Mike's Auto Collision. 


Remember to invite guests to keep our membership continually growing!

1st Classification Postings:


2nd Classification Postings:


Membership Postings:


Welcome New Members:

Please welcome Vinny Bunting as an associate to CH Topping Brakes

Other Membership News: 

 Membership Promotion

When you refer a new member, you can have a choice in one of two options

1. Have your dues waived for one quarter.


2. Have your dues, as well as the new members dues cut in half for one quarter.


New member has to be in good standing for the first 6 months to receive the promotion. 


Classification of the Month:



Advertisements/Want Ads:

Traveling? Call Pat Ellington for toady's hot deals.

PGA West La Quinta Condo. Call Jim Nesmith for details (562) 900-2230.

Board Meeting Minutes: 


Annual Meeting Agenda

February 3rd, 2020 – 12:15 pm

Annual Meeting

Location: The Grand


12:15 PM     J. Sawday                                                 CALL TO ORDER / PLEDGE / MINUTES

   Motion to approve minutes from 2019 Annual Meeting?

   Motion:   E. Speier    2nd:   M. Loos   Discussion. All in favor?  37  Any Opposed? 0 Motion passes

12:20 PM     E. Speier                                                            FINANCIAL REPORTS / BUDGET

   Motion to receive and file the financial reports for Annual Meeting 2019?

   Motion:   E. Speier    2nd:  N. Whittacre     Discussion. All in favor? 38  Any Opposed? 0 Motion passes

   Motion to approve and adopt the 2020 budget?

   Motion:    E. Speier    2nd:   N. Whittacre     Discussion. All in favor? 38  Any Opposed?  0 Motion Passes

12:30 PM     J. Sawday                                                     BOARD OF DIRECTOR ELECTIONS

·       This year we have two new openings for the Board of Directors

·         Are there any nominations from the floor? None

·         Motion:                    2nd:                       Discussion. All in favor?     Any Opposed?

·         We have four nominees for the board. Info on the members is in your packet.

·         Heather Desh of HD Orthodontics

·         Jack Skovgard of Long Beach Home Loan Corp

·         Mary Loos of Bixby Neighbors

·         Tom DiLeo of Finance of America Mortgage (2 term in office)

·         Motion to accept Heather Desh to serve on the 2020/2021 Board?

·         Motion:  T. DiLeo   2nd:    J. Skovgard     Discussion. All in favor? 3   Any Opposed? 0 Motion passes

·         Motion to accept Jack Skovgard to serve on the 2020/2021 Board

·         Motion:   H. Wolf   2nd:   H. Goldman     Discussion. All in favor? 38  Any Opposed? 0 Motion passes

·         Motion to accept Mary Loos to serve on the 2020/2021 Board

·         Motion:  J. Choura   2nd:   T. Perry    Discussion. All in favor? 38  Any Opposed? 0 Motion Passes

·         Motion to accept Tom DiLeo to serve another term on the 2020/2021 Board

·         Motion:   M. SIlva    2nd:   J. Skovgard     Discussion. All in favor?  38 Any Opposed? 0 Motion Passes

·         The carry overs for the board:

·         Jennifer Sawday

·         Eric Speier

·         Jay Beeler

·         Elizabeth Riley


·         Thank you, outgoing board, members Kris Gragson and Vince Bunting. Your dedication and hard work for the EALB are greatly appreciated.



12:40 PM     J. Sawday                                                                       Bylaw Amendments

·         An amendment has been asked for in regards to honorary membership. Article V, Section 3, paragraph A of the bylaws will now read:

·         (a)  Honorary Membership may be awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors to persons whose affiliation would be beneficial to the Association interests and objectives and such membership may be terminated at any time by the Board of Directors.  Five (5) years after being awarded, Regular Honorary Membership shall terminate automatically be voted on by the board of directors on a year to year basis.

·         Motion to approve amendment to bylaws Article V, Section 3, Paragraph A?

·         Motion:   E. Speier    2nd:   N Whittacre     Discussion. All in favor? 38  Any Opposed? 0 Motion Passes


12:45 PM J. Beeler                                                                               MEMBERSHIP

·         Top attendees for 2019. A total of 40 meetings were held.

-       97% of the meetings attended – Jeff Parry (86% last year)

-       95% of the meetings attended – Jay Beeler

-       92% of the meetings attended – Tom DiLeo & Tim Perry

-       87% of the meetings attended – Josh Thomson & Tim Johnson (combined)

-       85% of the meetings attended – Lori VandenBerg & Earl Valinsky

-       82% of the meetings attended – Jack Skovgard

-       81% of the meetings attended – Vince Bunting and Vinny Bunting (combined)

-       80% of the meetings attended – Jennifer Sawday

·         Members who joined in 2019

·         Bob Cook – Business Printing & Imaging

·         Lori VandenBerg – New York Life

·         Peter Godden – Envy Electric

·         Vinny Bunting – C.H. Topping Brakes


·         Members who left in 2019


·         Jim Mills-Winkler – Waddell and Reed

·         Rodney Bolton – HR Bizz

·         Marc Materie – Merchant Service Group

·         Fernanda Fletcher – Senior Placement Hotline

·         Corey Vane – A-Throne

·         Machelle Thompson – Keen Home Care

·         Jim Nesmith – Professional Funding Services (Retired / Honorary)

·            The 2019 Don Temple award went to Jay Beeler

·            2019 ended with 40 Executive Members, 7 Associates and 3 honorary members.

·            Total: 50 members

The board’s focus is building our membership. In this regard:

·         New members who are in good standing after six months of membership can have their third dues quarter at no charge; alternately that free third quarter may be shared between the new member and their sponsor.

·         The board has offered a financial incentive to our executive director for any new members that he recruits to our organization.

·         The board has been receptive to allowing more than one member in the same general classification, provided that the current member is receptive to the concept. For example, Jennifer has encouraged another attorney specializing in estate planning to join Execs due to her own heavy workload in this classification.

·         We are exploring working with the San Fernando Valley Executives Association to promote dual memberships for those classifications seeking to add Long Beach to their marketing and vice versa.

·         We are also putting greater emphasis on the quarterly member showcase visitations and plan to publicize these “open house” opportunities to build attendance.

·         We are considering a plan to have a “guest day” at Execs, wherein each member is encouraged to bring a potential new member.

·         We are planning to revise our website to allow anyone (guests and members) to provide a speed lead online. This existed in the past and we are looking into its integration in the near future.

We are currently working with potential new members in the categories home care, estate planning, commercial real estate and merchant services in our goal to bring in new members.

Additionally, I’ve been actively promoting the Executives Association in the Beachcomber newspaper and we are running a list of 42 open classifications in our services directory in each edition of the paper.

Finally, as part of our ongoing outreach for new advertisers in the Beachcomber, we have added a postscript in this direct mail campaign by inviting them to be my guest at an upcoming Execs meeting – if their business is in an open classification.

If you have any suggestions for augmenting these activities, we are all ears and welcome your input. Are there any questions regarding this membership report?


12:50 PM        E. Speier                                                            BUSINESS PROMOTION 

·         In 2019, our goal was to strengthen our relationships with events outside the usual meetings. We increased our showcase events from one event in 2018 to 4 showcase events in 2019. We also had a great summer social hosted by Larry Boren. A calendar was also added to our website so all members and potential guest could see what we were doing throughout the year. Along with our great craft talks and guest speakers, we had our mixer as well as Thanksgiving luncheon host by T.G.I.S. To end 2019, we had our holiday party at the Monte Verde park lodge and our annual gift exchange. Here are a few other moments throughout 2019.


·         January: Started the year with our craft/classification talks from our members.

·         February: We held our annual meeting and joint board meeting. We also had our first showcase of the year, hosted by Jennifer Sawday of TLD Law

·         March: We held our Presidents Installation luncheon to welcome our new president Jennifer Sawday, and thank our outgoing president Kris Gragson. We also introduced our new board members and awarded our 6th recipient of the Don Temple Award, Jay Beeler.

·         April: Full of Craft talks

·         May: Showcase hosted by Dave Sakamoto of F&M Bank

·         June – July: Craft talks

·         August: Summer social hosted by Larry Bored of LB Brokerage and showcase event held by Dr. Yen of Beach Heights Dentistry

·         September: Jan Krantz of J&L Jewelry held a showcase event

·         October: Our mixer was held at The Grand.

·         November: T.G.I.S hosted our Thanksgiving dinner at the Betty Reckas Center

·         December: Holiday dinner at the Monte Verde Park Lodge. We also held our end of the year gift exchange.

1:00 PM          S. CAUDILLO                                                EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT

   Thank you

   Our Joint Board Meeting is on Feb 10th.

   The Annual Presidents Installation will be on Monday, March 2nd for a simple but ungraded lunch.

1:05 PM          J. Sawday                                                                       PRESIDENTS REPORT

   Thank you to all of the board members and special advisors.

      At this time, in order to remain in accordance with the Bylaws I would like to resign my post as President and will remain on the 2020/2021 Board as the most immediate and available past president.

   Next week we will be back at the Grand to hear from Matt Fleischmann of Digital Installers

1:15 PM          J. Sawday                                                                                          ADJOURN

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