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Roundtable on COVID-19 | March 23, 2020

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On Monday, March 23rd the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their weekly meeting to have a roundtable on how COVID-19 is affecting Execs members. 

We held a roundtable meeting this past Monday to get an update how all of our members are doing during the COVID 19 pandemic. The topic was What is your business doing right now during the pandemic and how can execs help


Rusty from Digital Installers are still open as an essential business. They have moved away from entertainment centers and are focusing on adapted wifi networking. Rusty asked our members to let others know that he is still in business now is the time to install and update wifi networking that have been put off.


Nathan Whittacre of Stimulus Technologies has moved his team to virtual office 365 application called Teams. He is still able to work remotely and continue to help with all IT needs.


Eric Speier of 5 Elements Entertainment has lost business due to the pandemic but him and his team are still working remotely and can update your websites. Right now Eric is working on the our own website so we can have leads sent directly and immediately to each other.


Elizabeth Riley and Jim Choura of T.G.I.S & The Grand event center are no longer doing events but rather they are working with first responders and elderly families to deliver them food. We can also do our part and call in an order to T.G.I.S & The Grand to pick up a meal or have it delivered.


Mary Loos of Bixby Neighbors is working remotely from home as well. Right now she is working on getting new advertisers and trying to receive pictures from families to post in her magazines. Jay has given her his intern to help her with a project.


Pat Ellingtion of Incredible Journey is the most impacted of the group. As Pat is in the travel industry, she and her clients have been grounded from traveling due to the pandemic. This year it will be financially hard for her to recover. We will all try and book vacations with her for future dates.


Josh and Tim from Thomson AC Thomson are installing indoor air quality measures (i.e. UV lights and HEPA air cleaners).


Scott from Primary Payroll and his team have moved everything over to work remotely but still going in on Weds to do all the packaging and mailing for checks.


Cindy Skovgard and Pathways Hospice is an essential service and has almost become like the red cross by helping needy seniors who are complete staying home due to the pandemic. Trying to get food and essentials are very important right now. Pathways is now taking donation items, and critical items for seniors. Jack Skovgard of Long Beach Home Loan Corp has put in a donation for meals with The Grand to give to the sheltered seniors.


Dave Sakamoto and F&M bank are still business as usual. Please call Dave and see what they can do to help you through this financially difficult time.


Craig Kotani and Eric Bloomer of Sawin and Kotani announced the filing deadline has been extended from April 15 to July 15 to pay without any penalties. No delay on refunds. You can file and the IRS will not expect your payment until July 15th. If you have any questions please contact Craig or Eric.


Bob Cook of Business Printing & Imaging is still going well. He is working with restaurants with updated takeout menus. Working with hospitals to print flyers.


Jennifer Sawday of TLD Law says her offices are closed but are working remotely, and phone calls are still be taken. Courts are closed but are still efiling. Estate Planning is really busy, and they do have a mobile notary for trust and estate. Emergency estate plans are currently being filed. General Council is still going on with business filing


Dr Yen Dentisty is closed except for emergencies. Always call the office or him personally if you need help.


Diana from J&D is open but with a skeleton crew. They can still get to all calls within a day or two.


Tom DiLeo of Finance of America is still open to do reverse mortgages. Especially during the pandemic, people 60 years or older, can still pull out equity to help supplement their income plus interest rates are low.


Hugh is printing COVID-19 signs for hospitals, and other businesses.


Lori Vandenberg of New York Life says everything is pretty stagnant, good time to buy life insurance especially during this pandemic. People can still call her to talk about life insurance.


Next Meeting: 

Next week we will hear from Cindy Skovgard. 


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Please stay safe and follow sanitary protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We will continue to use Zoom for your weekly meetings going forward. 

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