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It does not require its members to patronize each other, but it does provide opportunities for each member to promote their products or services and it can open doors that otherwise are closed to desired business. Members of the EALB often consider the association as an extension of their own business or profession.


Location: The Grand

Day: Monday

Time: 12pm - 1:15pm

Visitors please contact us to be our guest.


Dave Sakamoto | August 17th, 2020

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On Monday, August 17th the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their weekly meeting to hear from Dave Sakamoto of F&M Bank. 

Farmers & Merchants Bank (F&M Bank) was opened by the Walker Family in 1907. Their first location was in the city of Long Beach and their original downtown branch is still operational today. Currently F&M Bank has 25 locations, including their newest branch in Rossmoor and locations in Santa Barbara. They have over 700 employees, which includes a new call center located in Seal Beach. Additionally their real estate lending portfolio holds 3 billion dollars in outstanding loans.

Dave Sakamoto is the current branch manager at Farmers and Merchants Bank in Belmont Shore and has been in banking for over 30 years. Dave grew up as a Southern Californian native and currently lives in Cerritos with his wife and child. Dave continues to give back to Southern California and is a part of several affiliations within the Long Beach community.  Dave has been an Execs member since 2014.

Dave provided information about the bank and how they are helping their customers through the pandemic.

Please see the video below

Execs Zoom 8-17-2020

Next Meeting: 

Next week we will hear from our affiliate member Joseph Paguio of Joseph Paguio Photography. 


Meetings will now begin at 12pm. I will open the meeting at 11:30am They will end at 1pm. 

Remember to invite guests to keep our membership continually growing!

Please stay safe and follow sanitary protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We will continue to use Zoom for your weekly meetings going forward. 

Our website has been updated to send leads in real time. Click on the the "Got Leads?" button the the top right of the Execs website. Click who the lead is going to and your name and a message. 

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 Welcome Joseph Paguio as an affiliate member under the open classification of Photographer. 

Other Membership News: 

Returning to The Grand has been postponed for this quarter. We will reevaluate in Sept. 


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New member has to be in good standing for the first 6 months to receive the promotion. 

We have introduced a new type of membership. 

Affiliate Member

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       Entitled to any open classification; no exclusive classification entitlement

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       One-year limit as affiliate member; must become an executive member thereafter

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