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Day: Monday

Time: 12pm - 1:15pm

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Vinny Bunting | September 28th, 2020

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On Monday, September 28th the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their weekly meeting to hear from Vinny Bunting of CH Topping Brakes. 

C.H. Topping has specialized in automotive braking systems since 1931.  They are the “one stop brake shop” for anything brake related.  They have a full machine shop, a full service shop, which includes “on the car” work, and they re-line friction surfaces in-house.  They take pride in what they do and are trusted by industry professionals and various car museums.  Their team can handle any brake related challenge. They fix the “tough” braking issues that other shops and local dealerships cannot handle.  They also do the brakes on “daily drivers”.  Whether you drive a Honda or a vintage Ferrari race car they are able to maximize your braking potential and fine tune the braking system to meet your needs. 

Vince Bunting has owned C.H. Topping brakes for over 35 years. Vinny Bunting, Vince’s son, has been helping his dad in the business since he was a kid. Vinny was born and raised in Long Beach, he graduated with a degree in fire science and mechanical engineering from Cal State Long Beach. He has been offered jobs at SpaceX and JPL but has instead to work with his father at CH Topping and work on special projects on the side. Vinny is now an associate member of the Execs.

Vinny’s talk gave us insight into what work they do at CH Topping Brakes. At CH Topping, they work on any brake issues for current vehicles with around a half day to day turn around. They also work on a lot of vintage vehicles too. Vinny also talked about a new venture into data center equipment

Please see the video below.  

Execs Zoom 9-28-2020

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We are excited to announce that starting October 5th we will begin hybrid meetings. We will continue Zoom and go back to The Grand at limited capacity. We are reserving 25 spaces for members and potential members. If you would like to reserve a spot to meet please let me know by the Friday before the meeting. Since we are limited; if you reserve a spot and call in on Monday instead you will be charged $20 for not attending the meeting in person. The association has also put protocols into place to keep you, other members and guest safe. We will ask you to sign a waiver every meeting you attend and you will be required to have you temperature taken and mask on (except for sitting and eating lunch). Please adhere to our protocols or you will be asked to leave the meeting. We are looking forward to being able to present these options to you so we can be together in person and through Zoom.

We are going to Meetings will now begin at 12pm. I will open the meeting at 11:30am They will end at 1pm. 

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Please stay safe and follow sanitary protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We will continue to use Zoom for your weekly meetings going forward. 

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