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Fresh Prints & Design | Rachel Massari EALB Member

About the Business:

Fresh Prints & Design is your #1 source for commercial printing. Customers enjoy printing with us because we make printing fun, easy and we get the job down on time.

We specialize in commercial paper printing, product labels and stickers, as well as graphic design & art layouts. We also offer garment printing and custom promotional items.

Some of the commercial print items we offer (but not limited to) include brochures, flyers business cards, postcards, stationary, menu printing, books & catalogs, NCR forms, t-shirts, and promotional items.

Fresh Prints & Design also has a division which provides in-house large scale architecture, engineering, and construction printing. We have you covered with technical and architectural documents, digital scanning & copying, and paper supplies for specialized printers.  

About the Owner:



  • Printed materials: business cards, brochures, forms, envelopes, etc




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