Pat Ellington Incredible Journey Travel | August 21, 2017

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On Monday, August 21st the Executives Association of Long Beach met for their weekly networking luncheon at The Grand Event Center. This week's classification talk was given by Pat Ellington of Incredible Journey Travel on her classification of Travel Agent.  

Pat Ellington previously served on the EALB Board of Directors and currently sits on the Board of the Long Beach Day Nursery and the Board of a non-profit in Long Beach that helps women find jobs after being in prison. Giving back to her community is very important to Pat. 

If you want to have an Incredible Journey without all the hiccups and frustrations of your last vacation, call Pat. She is a wealth of knowledge and will research your travel options for you and present you with a few choices that fit your wants and needs. She is a cruise specialist for everything from Carnival all the way to the luxury liners and can advise you on how to maximize your cruising experience in all areas. In addition to cruises, Pat is an expert at Worldwide Travel. She recently returned from Antartica and is leaving next week for China. She has been on 57 trips in the last 15 years doing her research and loving every minute of it! If you want to book a nationwide getaway she can help with that too. Large or small Pat can turn any trip into an incredible journey and at no cost to you. Literally no cost. Her services are completely free and her prices are unbeatable. If you do find a lower price than what she can offer she will be the first to tell you. The only item she charges a fee for is an airline ticket. It's a flat fee of $50-$100 per ticket. As anyone who's ever had to book a flight knows, that is a small price to pay to have someone else navigating that mess. 

The focus of Pat's talk this week was travel insurance. She can't stress enough how vital it is that you have travelers insurance. No matter how much you want to go and think you will go on your trip, life and world events happen. So many things are completely out of your control. Don't risk loosing thousand of dollars on a well planned trip due to an unplanned emergency. 

Here are a few travel tips from Pat: 

  • Always get travel insurance
  • Make sure your passport is valid until 6 months after your international trip
  • Bring a small amount of local currency with you and then exchange more money when your there (you'll usually get a better exchange rate)
  • Make sure your phone works where you are going
  • Bring inverters and converters for your electronics if visiting another country 

If you have trip planned and would like a review of your itinerary contact Pat. If you are ready for an Incredible Journey call Pat to brainstorm the endless possibilities. She is a wealth of knowledge you can't afford not to use. Oh, and her services are free! 

Next Meeting:

We meet next Monday at noon at The Grand to hear from our Pat Ellington our travel agent from Incredible Journey.


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